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We wondered what the heck had become of you, me lad!  We were worried: don't recall having heard from you since before Lee passed on, about four years ago.

Hope all is well with you sir.  Staying healthy and all that? 


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There was a Kickstarter began in early September of last year to get this published. I have a copy but have not read it yet because my to read list is very long. The information given during the kickstarter is that it starts similar to The Number of the Beast and then takes a different course.  The text is supposedly based on a nearly completed early draft manuscript pieced together from the Heinlein papers. Theis is the short version of the history of the project those who want the fuller and more complete version can search it out online.


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> Well well well.  Thank Amazon.  'People who bought this also bought..."  
> Well you've seen that.  And guess what popped up?  A never before 
> published novel that parallels The Number of the Beast.
> https://smile.amazon.com/Pursuit-Pankera-Parallel-Novel-Universes/dp/1
> 647100011/ref=pd_bxgy_2/134-1720482-3821542?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=164
> 7100011&pd_rd_r=5f8eafd9-b399-4918-9313-246eea47e686&pd_rd_w=7IrHP&pd_
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