[ExI] heinlein

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Sun May 24 12:16:01 UTC 2020

There is a Facebook discussion of The Pursuit of the Pankera that 
began yesterday, hosted by the Heinlein Forum.


The Heinlein Forum has moved from host to host since it began in 1991 
on Prodigy. It lives on Facebook now. Active participants include his 
biographers, his archivists, the leadership of the Heinlein Society, 
friends and colleagues of him and of Ginny, etc. As such, while 
newbies are always welcome, it is the best place in the known 
multiverse for questions or discussion on any Heinlein-related topic. 
The next organized event (20 June) will be a discussion of Greg 
Benford's Rewrite, in which Heinlein is a character; Greg is a member 
of the HF and will be participating.

-- David.

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