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re Oakland and no reason to go there:  "There's no there there."  Gertrude Stein.


bill w



I disagree!  There is a there there.  There is simultaneously too much there there and not enough there there.  If you mean with the term “there” the square meters of ground space there, then there is not enough there there.  If you use the term “there” to mean population, there is way too much there there.  If “there” means both, then there is simultaneously not enough there and too much there there.  Their need is for more there there or less there there, depending on how you use “there”.


Oakland is too crowded.  San Francisco is worse.  Of course these are great places for a virus to move to and raise a big family.  Their problem is in having plenty of virus families there.


As we struggle in our current predicament, do think of ways to salvage the big cities, to get proles in and out of that place safely.  I think there are ways to do it and save nearly all the current infrastructure.  The lithium battery has opened a lot of possibilities.  Think of a small personal vehicle, battery powered, which completely encloses a prole, capable of guiding itself onto a train.  Think of something that would take up no more space than a wheelchair.  It doesn’t need to go fast (top speed of about 15 km/hr is plenty (for people on foot that is a practical cruising speed.))




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