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Well, you wanted cheap.  Living in a basement is not anyone's idea of a white picket fence and a dog.  But you are close to city parks and other entertainments, which you are not in the suburbs or further out where the lower classes live because of the high cost of living closer.  


You are talking about the upper crust, eh?  Forty acres and a mule were the dream once.  Now it's half an acre and a miniature donkey. (or, in the paper today, living in a house with 60 dogs, four goats, 7 cats, 15 birds, and a skunk, and more animals outside - arrested for cruelty - she had spayed or neutered all of them to her credit, but the skunk probably made the smell of four goats rather tolerable by overwhelming the other odors - talk about mucking out...).


Your ideas sound good to me, but what do I know?


bill w 



Hi BillW,


After I began really thinking about this problem, it occurred to me that I am not qualified: I don’t know enough about metropolitan life and I don’t know enough about the kind of people who choose to live there.  A good friend lives in and raised his two daughters in the suburbs (Sunnyvale) and works in one of the towers in downtown SF, so my thinking might be overly influenced by his style.  What I have under-considered is the kind of people you describe: they like (or accept) living in close enough proximity that I would be completely losing my mind trying to escape.


Perhaps someone here knows a lot better than I do.  Please help me understand: are there those among us who want to live where it is nearly impossible to escape the constant presence of humanity?





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