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> >> Your language implies that someone's consciousness, their mind, is a
>> separate thing from the duplicated information.  ben
> *>Well, that's what I think. *

I do too but only in the sense that what a thing is and what a thing does
are not the same; "racing car" and "fast" are not the same and "brain" and
"mind" are not the same either. Mind is what a brain does and consciousness
is part of mind. And that duplicated information by itself is not
conscious, no information is duplicated or otherwise. Information needs to
be processed intelligently and to do that you need matter, but atoms are
generic so there is no need to be picky, any atoms will do.

> * > I think that consciousness is a dynamic process, which can show up on
> an EEG, *

If the behavior produced by your brain, behavior such as an intelligent
philosophical discussion, didn't convince me that you were conscious then
watching the squiggles produced by your brain on a EEG machine certainly
wouldn't either.

John K Clark

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