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1913: $100
> 1923: $57.89
> 1933: $76.15

1933 was the very worst year of the Great depression, but your own figures
indicate that the dollar was stronger in 1933 than it was in 1923, perhaps
that means inflation is not the only calamity that can befall an economy,
and maybe it doesn't matter how much a dollar can buy if you don't have any

> We will never see a dollar worth what it was in 1913 again.

I hope we never see economic conditions like 1913 again, the average person
in the US only made 1,283 of those 1913 dollars and the average house cost
$3,395, I looked but so far I've been unable to find how much computing
power you could purchase in 1913 for a dollar or how much a iPhone cost
back then, but I'll keep looking.

John K Clark
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