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Ben ben at zaiboc.net
Mon May 25 13:54:12 UTC 2020

On 24/05/2020 23:04, bill w wrote:
> But it's not correct to say that dynamic processes can't be 
> represented by static data
> I never said that.  I agree with you.

Ah, ok. I misunderstood.

After this:
What do you think a consciousness is, if not the information that is 
being duplicated? Your language implies that someone's consciousness, 
their mind, is a separate thing from the duplicated information.  ben

Well, that's what I think.  I think that consciousness is a dynamic 
process, which can show up on an EEG,  whereas stored information is a 
static process (it used to be thought that a memory was a circuit 
continually running and if it stopped running the memory was lost). 
Consciousness is the part that accesses the static elements if desired 
(pulling long term memory into short term memory), along with processing 
sensory information.  I also would not call consciousness the mind, 
since most of the mind is unconscious (and static unless called on (?), 
like accessing the definition of a word).  bill w

I thought you were saying that a mind was a separate thing from the 
information, so that reproducing information alone is not enough to 
reproduce a mind. But you're saying that a running mind is different 
from a stored mind, which nobody can argue with. I suppose they're two 
sides of the same coin. Matter/energy encoding information statically, 
and information orchestrating the dynamic flow of matter/energy.

Natural language is a crude thing, and often not really suitable for 
conveying these sorts of things. I reckon a huge amount of time must get 
wasted because of miscommunication.

Ben Zaiboc

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