[ExI] Is a copy of you really you?

Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Wed May 27 01:48:06 UTC 2020

I propose both are me

Now I ask you who pays for upkeep of redundant self? Either I/we must
compete for a narrow spectrum of job opportunities, one keeps my/our
employer and the other finds a new employer (risking a conflict when HR
calls to verify employment) or somehow I/we get to alternate on schedule or
at whim. I'm confident health care won't tolerate redundant coverage,  or
maybe this is a great deal because only one of me/us needs healthcare and
i/we can share since i/we can answer correctly all the health questions and
relevant identity security protections.

Or skip all that and go right to the hardware computing the sim: do i/we
have to share cpu clock ticks? In that case my RAID-self is dangerously
under-provisioned with only one failover in existence.  Surely i/we can
justify several additional clones, a checksum clone and a standby spare.

At this point I'd probably be willing to allocate some of my own elastic
compute to fire up an old "Lee Corbin Runtime" just to rummage around in
the garage. If you don't know what that is,  check the archives and let me
know if you experience deja-vue or vuje-dae (to proxy-coin a spike-ism to
mean a sense of the distant history feeling vaguely similar to the present
if/when your personal timestream is reversed with respect to consensus
observation) [though, as another point of reference, spike is also part of
the I/we ensemble due to long ago promiscuity with login credentials and
the invitation to masquerade as each other, now identity conversation have
become muddied as qualia and the church of the indiscernible atom]

So is our cloned consciousness bringing online another processing node in
Humanity's effective computronium, or does another virtual machine running
atop the sim hardware further divide the total available resource pool?
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