[ExI] Deficit spending and never admitting you were wrong

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> I used to think exactly the same thing with regards to drugs.  I still
> think it about gambling and prostitution.  But over the years I have come
> to realize that total access to drugs - antibiotics, for example, which
> would ruin their effectiveness asap - is not a good idea for everyone and
> maybe not for anyone.  I hope I don't lose my libertarian standing here,
> but people are just too weak.

Libertarian standing: revoked.

> These are powerful drugs, like Fentanyl.  You would not destroy society
> but you would have drug 'prisons' (treatment centers) far larger than the
> ones for criminals.  I dealt with my own problems but most simply cannot,
> it seems.  Our laws now protect everyone.

Bullshit. They ruin lives and create a black market that kills more people
than the drugs would.

> People, many, many, I don't know how many, need to be protected from
> themselves.

No. People need to be treated like adults, not nannied.

> If I were a real hardnose I could just say "If they want to kill
> themselves that is none of my business."  But it is.  It takes big tax
> dollars to deal with addiction and it would increase by more than one order
> of magnitude with total access.

We spend a fortune on drug prohibition. If we spent half that on treatment
we'd be way ahead of the game.

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