[ExI] Does anybody still think a US dictatorship is impossible?

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> John aren’t you glad we have a constitution?
C'mon, I'm glad it's illegal for cops to murder citizens too.. but that
shit is happening more frequently than it makes  the news.

And sure, Rafal can call me out for circumstantial beliefs founded on
non-experiential data.

We predict the next moment in order to prepare. Most people predict moments
measured in subsecond intervals. Maybe with practice, attention to detail,
and accurate assignment if salience one could reach into the future by

I'm suggesting that perhap John is assigning different probabilities than
you to next moments and continuing to extrapolate.  That compounds margin
of error, sure.  However,  dismissing a potential future because of who
names it first is a bad bias to have.

In this extropy hive mind, some posters will be excitatory while others are
inhibitory. A properly functioning brain is balanced.

I may not always see the point of a constant stream of pain, but I know it
serves a purpose.

Idk, maybe i have no point and no purpose here.

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