[ExI] Does anybody still think a US dictatorship is impossible?

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Fri May 29 15:33:40 UTC 2020



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>> But that isn’t necessary, as he didn’t actually start anything.  An executive order doesn’t apply to FaceBook or Twitter: they don’t work for the government.


>…So you say Trump didn't have the constitutional authority to issue that order and I agree, but that made absolutely no difference because he issued it anyway…


Ja, so there is this executive order.  Did anything change?  Did congress pass any new laws?  To borrow a famous quote: What difference does it make?


>> John aren’t you glad we have a constitution?


>…I'd much rather have no constitution… John K Clark


So we gather.  No worries John, I would much rather we have a constitution, enough to cover the both of us.



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