[ExI] Does anybody still think a US dictatorship is impossible?

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>> *> The constitution will stop him. *
> The constitution is a paper document and can't stop anything,

Exactly.  Consensus is what matters, and Consensus can override laws,
constitutions, blockchains, tradition....

Anyone here willing to do more than just talk and sign a petition to fight

Twitter Bias Against Trump? / Call His Bluff

And if you are a trump supporter, you can create a competing camp to build
consensus around that.

Then we can show off Canonizer’s ability to build consensus out of
controversy in a super camp we can all agree on, and keep the focus on
that, instead of all the polarizing controversy.

*How to sign:*

If you haven't already, you need to create an account to verify who you
are, and create at least one "nick name" to use.

Nick names can be either public or private (if you want to contribute,

It is best to use your name as your public nick name, so people can know
who you are.

Then go to the petition camp above (or any camp you want).

There you can click the "directly join or manage support" and submit that.

If you do that, you will receive e-mails from people working on improving
the camp and you will be expected to be involved with this work to improve

If you don’t want to be that involved, you can just delegate your support
to any of the current camp supporters.  If you delegate, instead of
directly supporting, you don’t receive the e-mails, and if your delegate
jumps to a better camp, your support and your delegated support tree, if
anyone has delegated to you, follows them.
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