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I claim to have the oldest and feeblest mind here - born 1/20/42.  We have
the image of the Victorian Age where you could not even call a piano leg a
leg, and women stayed inside or preferably left town when they got pregnant
(also a huge nono word)  The Victorians got it on about the same as humans
always have, according to the sources I found when I taught the course.
Then WWI introduced the condom to the world and of course the Pill showed
up around the 60s.  Antibiotics in the 40s I think or a bit earlier.

The worst data in the world, aside the current virus data, is from sex
questionnaires.  If people report doing it more that people reported 20
years ago, is it safe to assume that it has increased?  We  all know that's
a bag of lime jello.  The difficulty is correlating questionnaire data with
actual practice and very few researchers have been able to do that with
some validity.

I suspect that young people are having sex about the same as they did 30
years ago, but I have no data to support that.  Just like sex at any age,
people won't give valid answers to your questions.  You can count on this
more than anything else in the entire world:  people lie about sex.

bill w

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> Subject: Re: [ExI] Heinlein critique
> >...I carefully avoid films made from books - *especially* books I like.
> Kipling stories, Tolkein, Heinlein, Sherlock Holmes stories... I've got
> perfectly good "movies" of those running in my head when I read...
> How about Enders Game?  The movie version did a good job with the point of
> the book: that Ender was tricked into being a warrior.
> >...As for Heinlein, his characters doesn't fit the approved image for men
> now.   Nor for women - capable *and* love men.  I fear we've lost our way
> and I worry for my grandsons.  But I'm old... not quite as old as Keith,
> but very very close! ��  Regards  MB
> Ja, MB, you and I are from a time when copulation was far more popular
> than it appears to be for the modern young generation.
> spike
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