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>...I carefully avoid films made from books - *especially* books I like. 
Kipling stories, Tolkein, Heinlein, Sherlock Holmes stories... I've got perfectly good "movies" of those running in my head when I read...

How about Enders Game?  The movie version did a good job with the point of the book: that Ender was tricked into being a warrior.

>...As for Heinlein, his characters doesn't fit the approved image for men
now.   Nor for women - capable *and* love men.  I fear we've lost our way
and I worry for my grandsons.  But I'm old... not quite as old as Keith, but very very close! ��  Regards  MB

Ja, MB, you and I are from a time when copulation was far more popular than it appears to be for the modern young generation.


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