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> The problem with creating a homeless high-rise in SF (or anywhere else in
> California) is that environmentalists and Native Americans have grown quite
> highly skilled in finding ways to prevent buildings from going into place
> without huge sums of money changing hands.  Businesses have that.  Homeless
> advocacy groups do not.  Governments will not.

Governments do - and they can also craft legislation to thwart said
interference.  See certain legislative proposals from California's YIMBY

> It is easily foreseeable that the homeless problem will continue to spiral
> out of control until previously-inconceivable solutions will be pressed
> into service.  An example of this will be turning places like Darwin
> California into relocation destinations for those found in urban camping
> situations.

Indeed.  One could imagine a million-person housing unit (nearly an
arcology), part of which is set aside for the otherwise-homeless.  There
are sites within Santa Clara County where such could be built - along with
dedicated commuter rail, on the assumption (and to try to encourage the
situation) that the majority of residents will take mass transit if they do
not work in (or within walking distance of) the housing unit.  Also
included would be a large school (or possibly multiple), a hospital, and a
police station.  With a million people living there (even if most may be
poor), commercial support such as a grocery store would inevitably pop up
next door.

Doubtless, some of the pseudo-environmentalists you mention would have fits
at the mere thought of a million person housing unit, plus support
buildings, anywhere in California.
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