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>…Perhaps.  It seems to be too far from places that might employ that many people - granted, some business will pop up in the area, but only after the place is built and likely not enough to employ most of them at first…



We may be talking about two kinda different things Adrian.  I can’t see any practical way of superimposing a San Francisco-sized city on an existing city.  My suggesting is a start-from-scratch approach.  


Our society is already seeing plenty of people who are far beyond being employed at anything we are still doing in places like Santa Clara County CA.  What I envision is to load up urban campers with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads (the free dope) and haul them out there even if they would prefer camping in Santa Clara or San Francisco or Venice Beach.  The employment there would be primarily in food processing, products not to be exported but rather consumed on site.

I have in mind setting up a nuclear plant, not to export power but to supply Darwin’s needs.


We would be setting up a reservation of sorts, free of police brutality entirely, because it wouldn’t have police.  It would have food, alcohol, drugs, shelter, even jobs to those who want them.  It would be a communist utopia, where true communism could be tried for the first time in history, only better in a sense: there would be no requirement or compulsion to work, or even pretend to.  Instead of subsidizing US farmers to not produce, we instead buy corn, potatoes and beans, send them to the idle stoners in Darwin.  Then we start hoovering up the urban campers everywhere and off they go.


This solution is currently a political no-go, but within five years from now I see a steady transition to a maybe-go, then five years after that a yes-go, then a go-go.








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