[ExI] portable toilets, was: RE: Watch robots make pizzas from start to finish at an automated pizzeria

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Thu Aug 5 01:19:40 UTC 2021

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>>> The problem is that people don't appreciate the total costs of
>>> homelessness because they are spread over so many different budgets. Hospital emergency treatment, mental illness, drug use problems, criminal behaviour, police and justice system and jail costs, social workers, cleanup costs, and so on......    Added up, it would be cheaper to pay the rent on hotel rooms for them.
>> bill K

>> Now, bill K, which of the above do you think will disappear when they get hotel rooms?
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Most of them, to varying extents.  Homelessness has been much studied
with many reports produced. Obviously they won't overnight become
model citizens with a job as a merchant banker.  :)   But having a
permanent address with protection from bad weather and an indoor
toilet makes a huge difference to their lifestyle.


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