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Spike wrote:
"We would be setting up a reservation of sorts, free of police brutality
entirely, because it wouldn’t have police.  It would have food, alcohol,
drugs, shelter, even jobs to those who want them.  It would be a communist
utopia, where true communism could be tried for the first time in history,
only better in a sense: there would be no requirement or compulsion to
work, or even pretend to.  Instead of subsidizing US farmers to not
produce, we instead buy corn, potatoes and beans, send them to the idle
stoners in Darwin.  Then we start hoovering up the urban campers everywhere
and off they go."

Well, not having police could be a big problem. I could imagine gangs
forming over time and terrorizing the people there. Having police
substations might be a good idea, or volunteer organizations like the
Guardian Angels, with membership from the homeless. During my missionary
tour of duty in New Orleans, I saw the disturbing influence of various
gangs. Nature abhors a vacuum, as they say...

Spike, Fox News would go absolutely nuts covering your homeless community,
where people are given drugs, are fed with free food, and are handed out
drugs! Lol I would want the place to have a medical facility, because many
homeless have not had proper medical care for years. And definitely a big
dental clinic as well. Oh, and a job placement/skills training center would
be excellent. Perhaps the brighter inhabitants could be trained in coding
and brought within the tech industry fold. A big gym for getting in shape
and self-esteem would be awesome, along with a library for reading and
contemplation. And I would want a multi-denominational chapel facility,
where among other things, meditation is taught.

Since you mentioned it being a "utopia," they should create a worker
cooperative so the people have a sense of being productive, and in control
of their own lives and community. It would be interesting to see what sort
of industry and businesses could be brought in to fulfil such a need.

There could be two approaches to the place. It could be set up to basically
"soma" the downtrodden, and keep them barely content and out of sight. Or
it could be designed to truly help people and give them a certain level of
real dignity. And for those with ambition and ability, it could be a place
to start climbing the socio-economic ladder, if they had solid job training
programs there and good internet connections.

I could envision people who are not actually homeless wanting to live
there, so that they can save their money to go back to school, or buy a
house. They will get to hear, "hey, you're not really one of us!"


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>>> The problem is that people don't appreciate the total costs of
>>> homelessness because they are spread over so many different budgets. Hospital
>>> emergeny treatment, mental illness, drug use problems, criminal
>>> behaviour, police and justice system and jail costs, social workers,
>>> cleanup costs, and so on......    Added up, it would becheaper to pay the
>>> rent on hotel rooms for them.
>> bill K   Now, bill K, which of th above do you think will disappear when
>> they get hotel rooms?
>> Agreed - or even to build and run a mega-hotel for them, such is the
>> scale of the problem in California (or even just certain of the more
>> populous counties).
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