[ExI] Delaying Aging Would Bring Trillions of Dollars in Economic Gains, Study Finds

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No doubt you are seeing more and more articles claiming ecological overshoot. The production of exaggerated, hysterical, and flat-out wrong articles is the biggest growth industry.

The reality is different. I have a long reading list if you want to know more.

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> We told you so.
> Seriously, it's encouraging to see the "longevity dividend" idea get more attention. It should be a powerful tool to help people rethink their economic and research priorities. Can we please step on the accelerator with the anti-aging? I'm 57 and cryonics is looking more and more likely for me.
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Yes, anti-aging is becoming essential for the survival of humanity.
Not just so we can live longer, healthier lives, though.

I am encountering more and more articles about climate change that
refer to ecological overshoot. In effect, saying that there is no
solution to the problem without a wholesale change in the way humans
look at living on this planet. And for the great majority of humanity
that change in outlook will not happen because of the short lifespan
of humans. They just don't think on the long-term scale of the
necessary changes required. No generation wants to be the generation
that has to give up all their lovely shiny toys.   So they won't.
Until the planet forcibly takes them away.
By then the very survival of humanity itself will be questionable.


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