[ExI] US ?failed miserably? in wargame reportedly against China attack on Taiwan

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 20:28:22 UTC 2021

Oh, and don't forget about the Russian super-cavitation torpedoes! Lol But
what about drone swarms around warships, to keep them safe above and below
the water? And my understanding is that far more powerful lasers will be
deployed on our ships within the next few years. And there are the vulcan
guns to shoot a million big bullets at incoming missiles. But of course
their targeting systems have to be up to the task. And I would like to
think the military has some awesome above top secret weapons systems that
are in storage and ready to go, if war comes.

Spike, I feel like you are being defeatist, but then you are an experienced
engineer so perhaps you have knowledge the rest of us don't. I personally
think you don't fully grok how if the CCP is appeased and gets their way,
that American hegemony will be seen by the world as coming to an end and
things will never be the same. Our allies will realize that when push comes
to shove, and then war, that we give in to China. Jinping will play his
hand by telling an American president who wants to oppose a CCP invasion of
Taiwan, that he is risking the destruction of the global economy and even
the world, should things escalate to the use of nuclear weapons. America
must not give in to a tyrant who thinks he can get away with such
behavior, despite the possible risks.


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> >...I feel that losing the Taiwan scenario in a war game is just the wake
> up
> call that the U.S. naval commanders needed to keep them from fighting the
> previous war. The fact that the U.S. lost the war game might mean they have
> not figured this out yet. But the fact that the outcome of the war game
> leaked may mean that they have....
> Stuart LaForge
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> Stuart, torpedo technology has far outpaced anti-missile technology.
> Torpedoes fly above the water at speeds higher than shipborne lasers can
> defend.  Result: flattops (and all other surface ships) cannot be defended.
> We have had Taiwan money flowing into the states for a long time now.  What
> I read in this leak is that the US is signaling to the money remaining in
> Taiwan to get out now: the USA will not defend because it cannot.  But the
> USA will cheerfully accept rich people from Taiwan to come here to live in
> peace.
> spike
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