[ExI] US ?failed miserably? in wargame reportedly against China attack on Taiwan

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>...I feel that losing the Taiwan scenario in a war game is just the wake up
call that the U.S. naval commanders needed to keep them from fighting the
previous war. The fact that the U.S. lost the war game might mean they have
not figured this out yet. But the fact that the outcome of the war game
leaked may mean that they have....

Stuart LaForge


Stuart, torpedo technology has far outpaced anti-missile technology.
Torpedoes fly above the water at speeds higher than shipborne lasers can
defend.  Result: flattops (and all other surface ships) cannot be defended.

We have had Taiwan money flowing into the states for a long time now.  What
I read in this leak is that the US is signaling to the money remaining in
Taiwan to get out now: the USA will not defend because it cannot.  But the
USA will cheerfully accept rich people from Taiwan to come here to live in


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