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Mon Aug 9 15:33:11 UTC 2021

>From the New York Times;
‘There Is a Right and Wrong Way to Tickle a Rat’

Short course in how to do it:

According to the center’s researchers, there are three proper ways to
tickle a rat.


   Dorsal contact: Touch the back of the rat’s neck with quick, light
   movements. Avoid the tail and haunches, as these areas are where aggression
   from other rats is directed.

   Flipping: Gently restrain the rat around its front legs and lift it
   while rotating your wrist to flip the rat onto its back. This movement is
   “the most difficult part of rat tickling but the most beneficial,” the
   center said, since it closely mimics what happens when rats wrestle.

   Pinning: Tickle the rat between its front legs and on its chest while
   applying a firm, constant pressure to keep the rat on its back.

comment - rats wrestle?  For the purpose of tickling?  Is this sexual?

Oddity - somehow this reminds me of the recipe:  "Take a 5 pound

bill w
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