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A big concern is that the U.S. Navy bunched up their warships, making them
in theory easier to track and hit (but then a carrier taskforce's strength
is the layers of protection around a carrier due to all the warships around
it), and that the ships got too close to CCP missile defenses. I think the
navy may have been doing the classic military industrial complex move of
"we need more money" if you don't want this to  happen in real life! And
already the navy awhile back asked for the army and air force to have their
budgets slashed by 25%, to have that money given to the navy to build many
more ships, to try to keep up with China's explosive rate of shipbuilding.

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>> If I read Sun Tzu correctly, hide your strength or make it appear to be a
>> weakness so they are unprepared.
>> In an information war, lies are weaponized
> That is certainly a possibility too.
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