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Well said.

I keep wondering if the concept of dark matter is ultimately just patching
over some measurement errors.

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> As most of you know, all I know about physics I learned in 1959 - 11th
> grade. Keep that in mind.
> I am reading Dark Matter by Blake Crouch - dead cat, live cat, quantum,
> multiverse, etc.
> We don't know what dark matter is, can't measure it, but think it makes up
> most of the universe.  Do you see a contradiction here? OK, so it's
> theoretical (made up to explain something, I reckon).
> Now the multiverse:  just tell me - from the very bottom of your
> scientific soul, do you really believe that there are infinite numbers of
> universes where all of us exist in very similar lives?  Or is it just a
> cool idea that is fun to play around with?
> Did you like the book?     bill w
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