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>> Under anarchism the people run the services themselves rather than have
>> them imposed from above.
> How is that even possible?  Unless literally everyone is involved in all
> the services, which is impossible even for a few dozen people, the services
> will by definition be "imposed" on anyone not running them, if they are to
> work at all.
> Firefighting: if your house is next to mine and on fire, then my house is
> at danger of catching fire.  If I'm a firefighter and you're not, then I
> "impose" my service on you to save my house.  (Or I don't, and let your
> house burn to the ground, thus rendering the firefighting service
> ineffective.)
> Roads: if I build a road from my house to town, it goes by your house, and
> you are not otherwise involved, I have "imposed" my road upon you.
> Health: pandemics don't care if you've opted in or not.  If you're
> infected and you're my neighbor, you need to be treated before I get sick -
> and vice versa.
> Police: if you have opted not to subscribe to the protection of the law,
> people are free to impose force upon you, and will do so (if they think the
> police really won't protect you) regardless of your alleged rights.  It
> doesn't matter how many guns you have.

The idea is that collectives run things rather than those specially endowed
with capital or power. Those who don’t want to participate or follow the
rules are excluded from society. The point is that anarchism does not mean
disorder, it means an elimination of hierarchical power structures. But
maybe it doesn’t  work and hierarchies run things better.

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