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Wed Aug 11 23:24:44 UTC 2021

On 2021-8-11 14:55, Adrian Tymes via extropy-chat wrote:
> Firefighting: if your house is next to mine and on fire, then my house 
> is at danger of catching fire.  If I'm a firefighter and you're not, 
> then I "impose" my service on you to save my house.  (Or I don't, and 
> let your house burn to the ground, thus rendering the firefighting 
> service ineffective.)
> Roads: if I build a road from my house to town, it goes by your house, 
> and you are not otherwise involved, I have "imposed" my road upon you.
> Health: pandemics don't care if you've opted in or not.  If you're 
> infected and you're my neighbor, you need to be treated before I get 
> sick - and vice versa.

In a world that has had time to learn how to make statelessness work, I 
would not expect any cluster of buildings to exist without having 
negotiated easements and the like.  Adapting a preexisting city to new 
statelessness will have inevitable challenges!  Somebody must have 
written on possible solutions ..

> Police: if you have opted not to subscribe to the protection of the law, 
> people are free to impose force upon you, and will do so (if they think 
> the police really won't protect you) regardless of your alleged rights.  
> It doesn't matter how many guns you have.

Your other three examples have obvious externality problems, but where's 
the externality in this one?

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