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> Adrian, this is a most excellent post.

Thank you.

Blacks that I know and have known often, maybe mostly carry a gun, a razor,
> a box cutter, or some other weapon.  What if all they had were their
> fists?  A lot of murders would not occur.   But the motive is mostly fear,
> not aggression, so getting them to stop carrying is a no-go.

Honestly, the same applies to a lot of whites, possibly a greater absolute
number (within the USA, at least).  Other races too, of course.

> Now I see where you can build a gun from a kit (Spike may tell us more
> here)

I can relay a few additional details.  There is wide leeway in the laws for
those who build their own guns - and those who seek to take advantage of
that leeway.  These kits are not functional guns, and legally just short of
guns - but can be turned into guns with a little machine tool work, using
tools that many people already have (and are easy to buy if not already on
hand).  Granted, it requires competence with tools to make useful guns,
which still stops a number of people.

It has also been possible to 3D print guns for some years now.  It is also
possible to put together a hand-portable laser that can inflict a lot of
damage on a person - see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6FbUiiwutQ - not
instant death, but serious burns, possibly able to kill if the beam is kept
on the victim long enough.  (I am not yet aware of anyone trying this with
a laser as powerful as the one in that video on a living human, a corpse,
or a corpse-equivalent such as a gel dummy, but I wouldn't be surprised if
such a test has happened.)
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