[ExI] Scientists Create Quantum System That Stays Operational 10, 000 Longer

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> Boeing cannot afford even one spectacular failure, because it makes its
> living building passenger planes.
The reason is more fundamental.  Its rocket program depends on government
subsidies, which depend on Congress thinking that development is still
ongoing.  One large explosion might cause Congress to think that the thing
that was being developed is now destroyed, so there is nothing to put more
money toward.  (This ignores that more units can be built and probably have
been built, as their impressions do.)

> Fusion frees neutrons, which degrade everything they touch.  They are
> neutral, so there is no way to contain them long enough in the free state,
> hoping they will decay to a proton and an electron.
There exists aneutronic fusion.  It requires higher temperatures and
specific fuels, making it harder to do, but it exists.

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