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On 2021-8-15 14:25, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat wrote:
> Honest as the day is long:  me.  Mr. Morality.  Now when all this 
> computer stuff really got going, and you could download music and not 
> pay for it, it ruffled my feathers:  the musicians were being cheated.  
> This was wrong (and is still wrong).  I discussed this with some of my 
> classes, and they could seem to find no moral problem here:  if they 
> could do it, they did it - a full apple tree with no farmer around - 
> whatta ya expect?  I am still disappointed in those students robbing the 
> people who were giving them so much pleasure.  It did teach me more than 
> I knew at the time about people.  bill w

Possibly they rationalized that most of the money does not go to the 
artists anyway, and that by chipping away at entrenched publishers they 
were hastening the day when artists get a better deal.

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