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Honest as the day is long:  me.  Mr. Morality.  Now when all this computer
stuff really got going, and you could download music and not pay for it, it
ruffled my feathers:  the musicians were being cheated.  This was wrong
(and is still wrong).  I discussed this with some of my classes, and they
could seem to find no moral problem here:  if they could do it, they did it
- a full apple tree with no farmer around - whatta ya expect?  I am still
disappointed in those students robbing the people who were giving them so
much pleasure.  It did teach me more than I knew at the time about people.
bill w

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>> Things seem to be getting worse instead of better. Farmers can't fix
>> their own broken tractors, musicians are afraid to make music for fear of
>> being sued, you can end up in jail for taking apart your games console..
> For what it's worth, there are legislative efforts to fix the first of
> those (look up "right to repair"), and the last is apparently no longer a
> thing if it ever was.  As to musicians - only very certain specifics of
> music; bands are making music every day all across the USA with no fear of
> the courtroom.
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