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>…Result:  I got a warning.  (A friend ten minutes behind me, got a ticket.  He was furious when he found out that I didn't.  Upon relating our stories it was clear that he verbally abused the patrolman whereas I said 'Sir' frequently and never contradicted him (maybe this made a difference to him because he was Black, but we don't know that.))  But which side do you come down on:  ticket or no ticket?  Another way of phrasing this, which I think is equivalent:  how much latitude, if any, do you give the police?  bill w



For you and me, getting pulled over is embarrassing, expensive, possibly dangerous.  For cops, pulling people over is another day at the office.  Think of it this way: in what other daily transaction do you ever abuse anyone?  Never.  Regardless of whether you are satisfied with their performance, you are a gentleman and act accordingly.  No one deserves to be abused at the office, no one deserves to have their lives at risk, for they too have families and responsibilities.  Cops are people, with a job to do.  So… extend them the same courtesy and respect you would anyone else doing a job.


If it gets you out of a ticket, well good for you.  If it doesn’t, eh, treat it as a tax, pay it, move on.







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