[ExI] Twitter taps crypto developer to lead ‘bluesky’ decentralized social network effort

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 06:48:27 UTC 2021

“The really powerful thing about Twitter doing a decentralized protocol
move is that if you could design a protocol that works in an ideal way, you
don’t have to go through the initial effort of finding the niche to
bootstrap from because Twitter will bring so many users,” Graber told us.

In January, TechCrunch profiled the initiative
it gathered more attention following Twitter’s permanent ban of former
President Donald Trump from its platform. Following Trump’s removal,
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey highlighted the bluesky effort as one of the
company’s ongoing initiatives to ensure that social media moderation could
be less decentralized in the future. A decentralized social media protocol
would allow for individual networks to govern themselves without one
company or organization exercising monolithic control over the sphere of
online conversations.

“I think a huge focus for everyone involved has been thinking how do we
enable better moderation, and not just coming from one source,” Graber told

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