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> I know it won't help make this go away, but "background sounds" aren't
>>> public domain.
>> Actually, they are.  I believe he means samples of whatever sounds are
>> heard in public.
> You may be free to record them, but once recorded they're copyrighted.

This fits with his definition of "public domain": you can record them
freely, and while that specific recording is then copyrighted to you
(...actually, it might not be), you don't have to pay anyone else for use
of the background sounds.

> Rap does need a band.
>> Rap can, and often is, performed with a one-person "band", which Spike
>> may be counting as "not truly a band".
> Rapping is the rhythmic, rhyming speech part of rap music, AKA hip hop
> music, but rap music has various accompaniment, especially percussion,
> which can be beatboxing, record scratching, playing of samples,
> synthesisers, etc., that constitutes a band, IMO, even if it's just a "DJ"
> pushing buttons.

All of which is irrelevant to what I believe is Spike's definition: if it's
only one human being (no matter how much mechanical, electronic, and -
these days - AI assistance), it's not truly a band.

> I believe that Spike has no examples of rap that is not racist, sexist, or
>> similar.  Might you please provide him with some examples that are more
>> acceptable?
> I'm not a rap fan but I've heard plenty that's not offensive. I don't have
> the time or inclination to provide examples right now. Maybe later.

Please do at some point.  Otherwise, Spike's evidence set will consist
entirely of offensive rap, and he will be justified in his conclusion that
seems objectionable to you.
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