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>…Do away with copyrights, and publishers and big media corporations will go away, too. Say goodbye to movies that cost millions to make. You may be fine with that but I suspect the majority would not.


Regarding the notion that amateur musicians create nothing but 
poor-quality pap, consider what the word 'amateur' actually means.


>…There are great amateurs and talentless pros…-Dave



A painting or sculpture is created by one person usually.  A novelist works alone.  Neither of these require organizational skills, but making music usually involves a band and film requires an acting ensemble.


As copyright is defeated by technology, we see a necessary transition where music is made by one person, preferably one born to fortunate circumstances so they can make their music rather than labor at a 9 to 5 struggling to pay the rent.


I have seen a play performed by one person: Julie Harris recited poems and stories of Emily Dickenson alone on stage in costume for an hour and a half.  It was not an interesting play, but… get a video camera, record it, there ya go: cinema created by one person.  Extremely low cost.  Now you can feel far less guilty if you copy it, and you might feel even less guilty if you watch the first part of it and fall asleep.  Problem solved.




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