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> A painting or sculpture is created by one person usually.

And their works aren't easily copied. Photographs of paintings lack the
textures of the original, and the colors are never as good and they don't
respond to ambient light the same way.

  A novelist works alone.

If you don't count the editor, proofreader(s), jacket design, marketing,

>   Neither of these require organizational skills, but making music usually
> involves a band and film requires an acting ensemble.

Producing a film requires a lot more than just an acting ensemble. Look at
the credits from a recent blockbuster. There are literally thousands of
people involved.

As copyright is defeated by technology,

:-) You realize that copyright came about as a response to technology: the
printing press?

Sure, it's easy to violate copyright law, but that's not the same as
defeating copyright. Ask Napster, if you're unclear on the concept.

> we see a necessary transition where music is made by one person,
> preferably one born to fortunate circumstances so they can make their music
> rather than labor at a 9 to 5 struggling to pay the rent.

This is funnier than your rap take, at least. :-)

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