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we see a necessary transition where music is made by one person, preferably one born to fortunate circumstances so they can make their music rather than labor at a 9 to 5 struggling to pay the rent.


>…This is funnier than your rap take, at least. :-)  -Dave



OK cool so what if… we transition to a time when anything that can be digitized is free to anyone who will download it, radio transitions to karaoke, musicians and authors work alone generally, actors work mostly alone. So we find ways to make the process much simpler and cheaper.  Making a film and an audio track is still a lotta work, for which they either don’t get paid at all or if so not much.


OK then, sure.  We end up with digital content created mostly by people who find themselves in fortunate circumstances and are willing to donate their time and effort to the arts, while their less fortunate potential competitors sweat at a 9 to 5.  Well, think about it: the real world is already that way.  Old novels were generally written by the gentry and noble classes.  The poor were too busy trying to survive.



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