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> I have wondered, now and then - between increasingly better 3D animation
> tools and available assets, text to speech where the better versions can
> pass for human, and of course one person can write a script - if it might
> be possible for one person to create an entire film that would entertain
> most people were they to see it.

Not currently, no. It took all that Disney had to de-age Mark Hamill for
the Mandalorian finale and even that wasn't very convincing. We still can't
convincingly animate a person talking.

I have no doubt that that will be achieved before too long...maybe 5-10
years, maybe longer. But to get the point where a simulated person is a
really good actor--like Oscar-winning good--that's a whole 'nother level.

I believe that, as with music, the main hurdle such an effort would face in
> practice would not be technological but marketing.

I think the Screen Actors Guild will try to be a hurdle. I think that all
that consumers care about is the quality of the end result. If I can watch
a movie and not pick out a fake actor, that's one level of success. When a
fake actor gets an Oscar nomination, that's another.

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