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On 20/08/2021 21:12, Spike wrote:
>>... OK cool so what if. we transition to a time when anything that can be 
> digitized is free to anyone who will download it...

>...This is what the abundance economy is supposed to solve. People will
still get together in groups to create complex things, just not in order to
earn a living, but because they want to collaborate with others to create
something good. If not getting paid resulted in people working alone, the
whole FOSS movement wouldn't even exist, but it does, and that's even
without an abundance economy.

>...So, we transition not only to a time when digital goods are free, but to
a time when people don't have to work in order to live.



Hi Ben, ja but the economy of abundance doesn't apply to some things, such
as raw materials, energy and land.  Regardless of how easily we can
manufacture anything we want, there are fixed quantities of some things.


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