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> Do these square with what you know or think? bill w

I'm curious where this graphic came from. If this were a figure in something I were asked to edit, I'd query about the wording "pro anti-discrimination" to get inside the mind of the writer. That "pro" seems redundant to me. Isn't being "anti-" something implicitly being in favor of (pro-) being against it? People who are against discrimination could also be redundantly described as being anti–pro-discrimination—they're against being "for discrimination." Likewise, pro-life people are anti-abortion, but saying that a pro-life person is anti–pro-choice or that a pro-choice person is anti–pro-life seems unnecessarily detailed.

Or is "pro–anti-discrimination" in some sense functionally different from just "anti-discrimination"? Maybe in terms of actively engaging in measures that counteract discrimination, whereas "anti-discrimination" is more passive, a belief or opinion that's less action oriented?

Editorial overthinking: good times.

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