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Do these square with what you know or think?  bill w


>….I'm curious where this graphic came from. If this were a figure in something I were asked to edit, I'd query about the wording "pro anti-discrimination" to get inside the mind of the writer…Gabe



I thought that one was weird too Gabe.  It would be clearer if written anti-pro-discrimination.


Regarding the second amendment stuff, that one too is not at all clear.  Gun rights have traditionally been associated with the right, but the strongest second amendment advocates are really better classified far left.  The constitution recognizes Americans’ right to bear arms, but states and cities claim the authority to ban them under amendment 9 and 10, and nearly everyone recognizes the right of the government to ban felons from bearing arms.


The strongest second amendment advocates claim the right to bear arms unconditionally, anywhere regardless of their legal status as convicts, but do not go along with other notions typically associated with the political right-wing, only that one.


It is time to rethink a lot of this, and update it.




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