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> I'm curious where this graphic came from. If this were a figure in something I were asked to edit, I'd query about the wording "pro anti-discrimination" to get inside the mind of the writer. That "pro" seems redundant to me. Isn't being "anti-" something implicitly being in favor of (pro-) being against it? People who are against discrimination could also be redundantly described as being anti–pro-discrimination—they're against being "for discrimination." Likewise, pro-life people are anti-abortion, but saying that a pro-life person is anti–pro-choice or that a pro-choice person is anti–pro-life seems unnecessarily detailed.
> Or is "pro–anti-discrimination" in some sense functionally different from just "anti-discrimination"? Maybe in terms of actively engaging in measures that counteract discrimination, whereas "anti-discrimination" is more passive, a belief or opinion that's less action oriented?
> Editorial overthinking: good times.
> Gabe
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After a bit of searching, the graphic appeared on the California
Libertarian Party’s website 2017 platform.
It was intended to present the LP as between the Rep and Dem parties.
But caused some confusion as you noticed. The position was explained
in detail in the platform. What they meant was the LP opposes
government discrimination, but affirms the rights of individuals and
businesses to discriminate.


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