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>…Bottom line:  I support guns up to but not including automatic weapons for everyone except mental cases and felons.  You?  bill w



Billw, these discussions go off the tracks because of a misunderstanding or misuse of terms.  For instance, most people think an AR-15 is an automatic.  It isn’t.  The AK-47 is not an automatic either, and neither of them are assault weapons (a term used often but incorrectly (an assault weapon is an automatic.))  An automatic fires continually as long as the trigger is held down until the ammo is exhausted.  This definition does not apply to a pistol or handgun, because those cannot be continuous fire: they couldn’t be controlled.


Regarding felons: I definitely do oppose their right to bear arms.  They forfeit that right forever by committing a felony. 


Mental cases: who is a mental case?  It must be defined in legal terms before it can be enforced by legal means.  You are the most qualified person here to answer the question, being in the biz and a professor of that discipline.  


Usually felons forfeit the right to vote.  No guns and no voting for felons.  If no guns for mental cases, are mental cases allowed to vote?  How do we determine who loses their right to vote, based on their mental state?







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