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>...I don't think the US population has been very well informed about the true situation in Afghanistan.
>...The US were the invaders in that country. The Middle East is tribal, they don't have the same civilisation that the US does... BillK

Agreed, BillK.  I also agree the US and other western countries will eventually pull out, and why I have predicted that the US and other western powers will not take military action if China invades Taiwan.  We sent a powerful message: you are on your own.

Now consider the tribe that wants to be western, to join the modern world, the gays, the non-Muslims, women wanting an actual education, the kind of people who gravitated to Kabul.  They aren't really a tribe exactly in the genetic sense, but they were a group with common interests and goals: they wanted to be modern and free.  The Americans pulled out, the Afghan army stood down.  Without a place to exist and without a well-armed citizen militia, the citizens of Kabul who want to be free are frantically trying to get out, to anywhere but there.

Had the tribe in Kabul been given the chance to step up when the army stood down, the freedom tribe could have defended that place against a tribe of 50k fighters.


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