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Spike, maybe we should have armed the citizenry in Afghanistan.  We poured
trillions of dollars in there - would buy a lot of weapons.  bill w

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> Spike,
> >...I don't think the US population has been very well informed about the
> true situation in Afghanistan.
> >...The US were the invaders in that country. The Middle East is tribal,
> they don't have the same civilisation that the US does... BillK
> Agreed, BillK.  I also agree the US and other western countries will
> eventually pull out, and why I have predicted that the US and other western
> powers will not take military action if China invades Taiwan.  We sent a
> powerful message: you are on your own.
> Now consider the tribe that wants to be western, to join the modern world,
> the gays, the non-Muslims, women wanting an actual education, the kind of
> people who gravitated to Kabul.  They aren't really a tribe exactly in the
> genetic sense, but they were a group with common interests and goals: they
> wanted to be modern and free.  The Americans pulled out, the Afghan army
> stood down.  Without a place to exist and without a well-armed citizen
> militia, the citizens of Kabul who want to be free are frantically trying
> to get out, to anywhere but there.
> Had the tribe in Kabul been given the chance to step up when the army
> stood down, the freedom tribe could have defended that place against a
> tribe of 50k fighters.
> spike
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