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On 2021-8-22 21:19, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:
> On one of the pages we see a candidate named Angelyne, of the No 
> Preference party:
> He or she offers his or her profession as Billboard Queen, Icon.


>...Last time I heard of her was another recall election!

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Heh.  OK, well then.  At some point we must recognize that whatever talent
or skills one has, a good promoter can amplify it.  If one has insufficient
talent and skill to afford or attract a promoter (one is not Elvis Presley)
but one has talent at self-promotion, that works too.  The best promoter is
one who makes the most from the least.  At some point there is the very best
self-promoter ever, who self-promotes based on the talent of being an
excellent self-promoter.

I looked up what it takes to get on the ballot.  You can get there without
paying, if you have a few thousand signatures.  A billboard queen (female of
all things!) could get in a bikini in a public place (California after all)
and get all those easily enough, even in this case when she is over 70.

Sheesh, I have half a mind to vote for her, just for coming up with a cool
inspiring idea.


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