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Last year I finished writing my first ever novel, which is a science
fantasy tale set in the Warhammer 40K franchise sandbox. I am currently in
"writer's purgatory," hoping that they will make a decision about accepting
it. Unfortunately, since the novel is based on Games Workshop intellectual
property, if they don't buy it, I cannot self-publish without them
dispatching a team of hitmen/ninja/lawyers to get me! Lol The going rate
for a first novel with them is a very cool $45,000.

I love the W40K universe and consider reading the novels as being one of my
favorite guilty pleasures. They are what I would consider well written pulp
fiction. A television series based on the adventures of an Imperium of Man
inquisitor, will be premiering within the next year or two, and I can't


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> I write, and have publicly posted my works for free since I joined this
> list in my Junior year of HS (16yo), some of it more serious than others.
> Some fiction, mainly non-fiction.
> I’m currently doing pericope-by-pericope analysis of a Right Wing author,
> and I have gotten a few hundred eyeballs on my work but I don’t make any
> money from it.
> If I actually manage to complete my analysis of the whole book (possible
> but unlikely) then I’ll edit it and self-publish it. It’s such a niche
> topic that I doubt I would sell more than 5-10 copies, but that’s not
> because the materials are available online for free, but simply because
> demand is very low.
> I think it’s normal and healthy for most artists/musicians/writers to have
> “day jobs”.
> SR Ballard
> > On Aug 22, 2021, at 5:57 PM, Henry Rivera via extropy-chat <
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> >
> > To me, this comes down to Spike’s observations about a free market
> being true but only while we are still under a Capitalist system. Artists
> have to work within that system if they want to make a living as an artist.
> >
> > I’ll submit many if not most artists start by making their work for
> free. Go take a look around SoundCloud for example. Artists there are
> hoping to get recognized and “sponsored,” if you will, by a record label
> for example or noticed by a celebrity who will post about their track. I’m
> part of a community where I live centered around a gallery where over 30
> local artists sell their works. These are painters, sculptors,
> photographers, glass blowers, and the like. All but maybe one of them earn
> a living other than selling their art. They all have their jobs probably
> closely related to their art, but they are not living off their art. I
> think that is likely the norm as an artist.
> >
> > So artists will continue to produce what they do, but a Capitalist
> system confines how they’re going to operate. If there were something like
> universal basic income or more widespread State sponsoring of artists, then
> you might see a different process playing out. And in a non-Capitalist
> system you will definitely see a different process play out. But there will
> still be artists producing.
> >
> > We are seeing that digital   information is more difficult to treat as
> property or capital. Infinite identical copies can be made and easily
> distributed. NFTs are an attempt to change that. But it seems technology
> (evolution) is running up against a Capitalist paradigm that will continue
> to have trouble containing it. The cat’s out of the bag. Artists are
> adapting in some cases. Musical artist for example largely count on touring
> income, merch sales, and patreon contributions in part to survive, at least
> once one gets away from the major labels.
> >
> > Speaking for myself as a DJ and producer, I’ve made more money on my
> side business renting sound gear than as an artist. Spotify pays me 5-10
> cents per play. I’m not getting rich that way. And I make more as a
> psychologist than many musical artists anyway. I self-fund my art at this
> point. I’m fortunate in that way. Nothing will stop any true artist from
> producing art—although the Taliban and the Chinese government certainly
> try. It often take death to stop an artist.
> >
> > -Henry
> >
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> >> On 20/08/2021 21:12, Spike wrote:
> >>>> ... OK cool so what if. we transition to a time when anything that
> can be
> >>> digitized is free to anyone who will download it...
> >>
> >>
> >>> ...This is what the abundance economy is supposed to solve. People will
> >> still get together in groups to create complex things, just not in
> order to
> >> earn a living, but because they want to collaborate with others to
> create
> >> something good. If not getting paid resulted in people working alone,
> the
> >> whole FOSS movement wouldn't even exist, but it does, and that's even
> >> without an abundance economy.
> >>
> >>> ...So, we transition not only to a time when digital goods are free,
> but to
> >> a time when people don't have to work in order to live.
> >>
> >>> ...Ben
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> >> Hi Ben, ja but the economy of abundance doesn't apply to some things,
> such
> >> as raw materials, energy and land.  Regardless of how easily we can
> >> manufacture anything we want, there are fixed quantities of some things.
> >>
> >> spike
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