[ExI] 'Copyright'

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Wed Aug 25 20:14:18 UTC 2021

On 24/08/2021 18:51, John Grigg wrote:
> Last year I finished writing my first ever novel, which is a science 
> fantasy tale set in the Warhammer 40K franchise sandbox. I am 
> currently in "writer's purgatory," hoping that they will make a 
> decision about accepting it. Unfortunately, since the novel is based 
> on Games Workshop intellectual property, if they don't buy it, I 
> cannot self-publish without them dispatching a team of 
> hitmen/ninja/lawyers to get me!

Of course you can. Nobody can stop you. They may be able to stop you 
profiting from it, but they can't stop you putting it on the internet, 
giving copies to your friends, reciting it to anyone who will listen, etc.

This is where you stop and consider: why did I write it (And are there 
easier ways of making $45k)?


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