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>...  The big bang model kinda ... makes it sound like everything started out as part of a big firecracker and now the bits are flying out everywhere.  That isn’t what happened...
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>...Yes, Ethan has an explanation here:

>... because of the Universe’s expansion, but it’s still finite. However, we cannot reach all of it.

>...But thinking about infinities still makes my brain hurt!  :)



Mine too BillK.

We are three dimensional beasts living in what we perceive as a three dimensional universe.  We try to somehow impose our perceptions into some kind of 3-D model, such as a very common popular misunderstanding of the Big Bang.  The whole notion leads 3D humans to ask the obvious questions: OK sure, so where did this giant firecracker come from to start with?  And where were we located in the firecracker before it exploded?  etc, and it just can't be explained adequately any more than A. Square from Abbott's Flatland could explain the sphere to his fellow Flatlanders because they were 2D.

To get the whole inflationary universe you really need to get hot with your multivariable calculus.  There are no good shortcuts, you need to master the math before you have a fightin chance at the concept.  Many of us recall taking calculus-based physics and realize without calculus there are just too many concepts outta your reach.  Same goes for 4-D universe models  The curvature of spacetime caused by mass for instance: you need your del operators and gradient functions and such.  There are no shortcuts up this mountain.


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