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> There are easier ways to make money, for certain! Lol I have played with
> the idea for a number of years of getting into computer programming or
> cyber security. And I am currently looking at Code Academy ($20 a month),
> Free Code Camp (free), Team Treehouse ($200 a month), Pluralsight ($160 a
> year) and Udacity ($400 a month) as possibilities. Any opinions on these
> programs?  Are there other programs I should look at? There is a dizzying
> number of options for learning this material! I would appreciate any
> insights and advice from list members on the best way to move forward with
> this goal of mine.

Get an entry-level job & fake it 'til you make it.  I believe 3 months of
doing it and you'll be as-good (or better) than half the people on my team.

Or if you don't feel that's "honest" enough,  I suggest building something
that interests you and get problem-specific help from nerds on

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