[ExI] Tiangong: astronauts are working on China's new space station — here's what to expect

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 04:42:16 UTC 2021

"Aside from the core module, the pressurized modules of the current
Tiangong space station will consist of two laboratories, Mengtian
("heavenly dreams") and Wentian ("heavenly quest"), which will be launched
over the next few years. The design of each of these laboratory modules
will be based on Tiangong-2's facilities.

Unlike the International Space Station, where the bulk of electrical power
to all modules is supplied by large solar arrays
purpose-built gantries, on Tiangong each module launched carries its own
solar array.

Once complete, Tiangong will weigh over 60 tonnes, be capable of hosting
three astronauts for extended stays in space, and will have the capacity to
support future spacewalks and science experiments. These can be mounted
both inside the pressurized modules or on deployable racks outside in

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